Sleeping Beauty


I lay asleep on the lip of a fountain,

Enveloped in the cadence of the night.

Ambushed. In slumbering, contrite

A dream of fingers closed around my ankle —

The sound of his approach veiled by the rustle of the trees.

“Dance with me.” The proclamation of a fall.

Not a request and yet… not quite an order. Tease.

Transfixed, I am unable to resist the call.

Impetuous hand imprisons. Thoughts tangled. Can’t delay

Make my escape… from his hold run away?

The shadow of a kiss, eyes searching for an answer,

Betrayed in my reluctance by a sigh

And in tenacious rave am twined into his lie.

Relentless. Punishing. By fire sealed — mistake.

To pained regrets and daylight I awake.


22 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty

  1. Sleep is such a beautiful commodity of life. I’m glad you appreciate it and see the inner beauty of what slumber can give you.

    • Thank you, kbeezyisviral. This is a theme that recurs in my poetry and in my prose too. I am a vivid dreamer – it is to me another world that feels as real as wakefulness.

      • Sleep is the cousin of death. It can really teach you a lot. I’m glad to hear you are vivid dreamer. I too dream vividly on a consistent basis.

  2. A beautifully structured poem, Vic. Your opening line is gorgeous and sets the tone nicely. This made me think a little of the myth of Persephone – a little bit of Greek can’t be bad. Lovely!

    • Thank you, Chris. I spent five weeks in Athens this autumn and had a chance to reacquaint myself with those myths which I have loved ever since I was a child. Classic themes have stayed with us for a reason. It was an unconscious choice, but I am glad you discovered the connection.

  3. Lovely.

    And is your twitter fixed? I rather miss your sudden flurry of tweets. haha. 😉

    Oh, smacking Tjtherien a bit harder today. haha. He’s a moron and doesn’t know it.

    And why has OM ceased tweeting?

    Seems counter-intuitive to grow a blog, as #socialmedia can feed blog growth. What’s his reasoning, do you know?

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