Ah. It is you.

The lover named.

And yet we did not meet before that day.

Invited, at my side you seized a place

So quick in gifting words

That my departure would delay.

My ego flattered

By well-chosen twists of phrase

The subtext combed, alluding,

To seduce and hold —

A master of your craft.

Enticed. Unwittingly myself I find

Reciprocating to your honeyed notes in kind.

No. Temptress. I am not yet caught. Await.

Such reckless lovelorn folly is not mine.

Yet when your gaze is fixed upon the stage

My spirit soars and at your will I twine,

Embracing boundless depths — one aim in mind:

Adoring. Your devotion to engage.

Mine even in your absence… untamed muse —

I grow afraid of what in loving I might lose.



15 thoughts on “Unnamed

  1. Excellent imagery – the tangled web that we weave to get what we want! Made me think about the Sirens, and the song they sung to draw sailors to their doom – a little like Love, perhaps?!?

    • Thank you, Kavalkade. Lovely of you to say so.
      Not yet. The engineer is yet to make an appearance so my connection is intermittent and I am borrowing a mac to be online (it doesn’t like PCs apparently). Can’t get on Twitter, although I tried. Very frustrating.

      • Hmm, very strange.

        Twitter has an online UI also so you can can get on.


        I actually tweet mostly from TweetDeck on my PC, haha.

        I am not a slave to my phone! I’m a slave to my PC…

        Yeah, I’m a PC, and not a Mac… 😉

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