#VB009 ~ The #Krew Affair ~ Humor Webisode

#VB009 ~ The #Krew Affair ~ Humor Webisode.

I am currently boarding a plane, my dears – so will be out of action for the next 12 hours or so. Where am I going? Well – amongst my many hats, I also sometimes dabble in secret agent work 😉 Off to the U.S. of A for operation #KrewKapture he-he.

See you later!

HRM Crown Agent code 009 😉

29 thoughts on “#VB009 ~ The #Krew Affair ~ Humor Webisode

    • Thank you, Dotta. Will try to get a few posts on while away, but it will be tough to keep the usual regularity up. Hope you are well. I’ve never been to Texas, but hopefully will come and visit one day xxx
      Take care. Sending you my warmest regards,

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  2. After a career of flying anti-submarine ops at 300 feet above undisclosed locations over the oceans, I love turbulence. May you have a turbulent and safe flight, and if you see a sub, wack it.

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