Dante Gabriel Rossetti_Lizzie Siddal

You cannot trust an artist. This I knew

Yet how I longed to live awhile the lie –

Taste from your lips assurance, take my due,

Be yours in brushstrokes. Let your art deny

That love is ephemeral, its surfeit

Of fire turned to cinders over time.

In promise false and cruel in deceit,

You left me nothing but this retched rhyme.

24 thoughts on “Adieu

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      • I are kicking the living shit out of OM’s troll with 2 blog posts and in his comments.

        He has admitted to having had 4 opinions now to verify his sanity…

        If one needs to seek evaluation constantly for a medical evaluation….

        I suggest that he see better doctors and seek a fifth opinion…

        He’s a liar, and potentially sociopathic.

        OM need not take his opinion seriously.

        Oh I specialize in fraud, but have investigated over 2000 psychiatric claims.

        I’m reasonably certain our boy tjtherien has deep, deep issues….

      • I’m on it now. Haha.

        Check my line of comments on our trolls blog…

        He’s hilarious.

      • Seriously, I think he’s anti-social at the least.

        That anyone could come out with a “sociopathic” charge against OM for his reasons, then ignore the holes I poke in his argument…


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