Gradus ad Parnassum


These tangled sheets’ suspended animation:

Calamitous exploit into overindulgence.

Inebriated remnant of erstwhile dreams


An intravenous shot of all bodily senses —

My treasure when alone.

The scent of you that ambles, so stark in indiscretion

Upon my skin in absence of its owner. Calling.

Possessed my fingers rifle, all textures learnt unlearning

And blinded by the memory of you, my vision falters

In luminescent moods. Aquiver in dynastic fall

That voice… I hear it still. Transporting

Impious in staccato,

It ties itself around my wrists in conquest

In permutated taste, surrendered monosyllabic trigger…

I raise no claim on anything but you.  


24 thoughts on “Gradus ad Parnassum

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  6. I’m gonna say this once,
    I did not follow you before because your poetry is amazing and I envy you.
    the more I read your pieces the more I crave to make my own.
    but poetry and I, we have this relationship – we don’t get along that much
    But I really, really, admire the way you .. .. you express your thoughts.
    that’s it. 🙂

    • Thank you, fancymystyle. I am touched that you think so highly of it. I have to admit that in the past I always awaited the muse to come to me, and she seldom made an appearance… Muses: they do that. Temperamental beasts. We have an agreement now: when he stays away, I fill my lines with darkness. When he comes, he brings them light.
      I will let you into a secret. Poetry is about finding exactly where to pause. What you do not say matters as much as what you choose to reveal. You write it already – you just don’t know it yet. Whenever something touches you deeply, whenever you reach an extreme in your emotions, you are there – on the brink of poetry, all you have to do is reach in and grab it – do not censor yourself. Just take it as it comes: raw and full of emotion and put it on the page.
      Sometimes I write “reply” poems to someone who inspires. Let’s see. Perhaps I can tempt you 🙂

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