Welcome to The Gallifrey Express: Your Online Whovian TARDIS Tracker!  

The first Earthling issue of The Gallifrey Express celebrating The Day of the Doctor | 50 Years with Doctor Who went down a storm. Whovians everywhere were quick to sign up for TARDIS Tracker News. Thank you for the warm welcome Whovians!  We’re mighty gladifrey to have made it here at last. The timey-wimey team will do their best to keep you abreast of all things Doctor and all things Whovian too.


Super Voyager Doctor Who Train#WhovianFollowTrain

The Thanksgiving* phenomenon that has taken over the Tweetosphere! @WhovianDW brings the Doctor’s companions closer with three TARDIS steps.

  1. RT if you are Whovian.
  2. Follow Everyone Who RTs
  3. Gain new awesome Whovians

*No turkeys were harmed in the making of this WhovianTrain 😉


Time Lords in the House of Lords! house of lords

The House of Lords, the upper house of the UK Parliament paid tribute to Doctor Who in a debate moved by Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury, a Liberal Democrat peer who has worked for both the BBC and Channel 4.


Doctor_Who_50th_anniversary_surprise_cameo_appearanceThe 12th Doctor

After a surprise cameo appearance in The Day of the Doctor, the 12th Doctor is a mere timey-wimey–number-of-days away from our screens.

With a pang of guilt, the Gallifrey Express team has to admit that however much we’ll be missing our bow-tied Doctor, we can’t wait to see what he will have in store for us after regeneration.


Doctor Who Monsters

What would Doctor Who be without a monsterish extravaganza! We’re sure you all have your favourites, but which monsters would you love to have back, and which would you much rather not?

~ From Gallifrey to Tranzalore ~

Say WHO?

3 thoughts on “Who-Whoooo!

    • You are not alone. YANA – was that not the human name of the Master? 😉
      There was a ten million strong audience for The Day of the Doctor last weekend. You’ve got company, Erik, that’s for sure.

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