The Price of Luxury


Greed infiltrated your arteries.

Ventricles clamour with metallic delight.

A world — yours for the taking.

With every new acquisition

Your blood simmers blue. 

Encoded in the frame of your shades

The coefficient of a man satiated with life.

Beneath this façade of contentment

Lay the dried up frustration

Of a hitchhiker bored 

With fatuous craving of luxury.

They want you for your possessions alone.

You’ve known this for a while.

Every beckoning expression,

Every obliging pose…

Sensuous. Fake.

All a spectacle for your viewing pleasure.

A chilling serenity.

Beauty that tastes of terror.


A shard of reflected sunlight in a surreptitious teardrop.

It trembled in the breeze, clinging for one moment only

To your tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Eyes obscured.



15 thoughts on “The Price of Luxury

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      • Humans were never meant to be luxurious or royal, but this is true that some strive for these accolades. I always find myself wondering if the void they are trying to fill will ever be full. Seems like a cyclical treadmill effect to me.

      • The Emperor’s Clothes. This is what luxury is to me. There are other things that I value in life. If luxury is merely the by-product of one’s pursuit of their dream, then perhaps it could do no damage, but if it becomes the pursuit…

      • I completely agree. It is always important to know your lane and not allow the vicissitudes to occur.

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  3. A sharp, ascerbic observation on materialism. I think what I like most about this is the middle section ‘They want you…’: it is almost as if the ‘luxuries’ themselves are responding.

    • Thank you, Chris. I like the way you personify luxuries in your comment. Perhaps it is them responding. After all there is a juxtaposition between what can be acquired and what it cannot. One can buy companionship, yes… but those companions are little more than another set of luxuries. All paid for. Coveted? Affection… now that is a luxury one cannot buy.

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