In reply to Played

Man in the rain

One night. That was enough

To tear my world apart.

Don’t dare call inconstant

My disappearing act.


What would you have me do?

Fight when there was no hope,

When all the while I knew

To stay would mean the rope?


I fled. Yes. I admit it.

You did not see my pain,

So from these accusations

Take care to refrain.


You were not free to love,

Be mine, be loved in turn.

To watch you be another’s

For this I should return?


If only-I were a player

And had a heart of stone,

Yet when the heavens pour

I long for you alone.


18 thoughts on “Replay

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    • Thank you, Chris. I’m glad you liked it. And thank you too for prompting me to write a reply. I’ve written replies to other poet’s poems before, but never to one of my own. A new experience.
      Warm regards,

    • Thank you, yakinamak. I searched the internet far and low for just the right image. It seemed to fit. I like the air of mystery that not seeing one’s face brings to the story. I wrote this as a reply to Play, after a fellow blogger Chris suggested that it would be interesting to hear the other side of the story. So I played with the idea that the “player” may not be quite the bad wolf he’s been made out to be 😉

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