Alone Together


I sensed your arduous gaze upon me fixed

It burnt me through. I beg of you: relent.

To love your world entire you have risked,

But why did not you ask what it all meant?


Can you not see how deeply I am hurt

And suffer silent, saddened and despised.

What vows, what promises did you assert

Would leave my universe uncompromised?


This sad reality you do not see

That doom was all thy pity’s recompense.

Absconded cosmic realms in your flee,

But yours is lust, its fire too intense.


You knew my fate is to another chained.

How to break free I do not wish to know.

Your jealous pleas have left me anguished, pained,

Dreading the hour when again you’ll show.


I wish you were less proud in pursuit,

Abandon this resolve to break my will.

What would you do if I did follow suit?

Can you be certain you would love me still?  


You ask too much of me. Can’t leave behind

My life entire for your sake alone

I cannot guess at what you have in mind,

But I’m no toy for you to take and own


Then fling aside when sated in your play

Without any risk of a reprove.  

This need of you I choose not to obey,

And from my sight temptation will remove.


35 thoughts on “Alone Together

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      • Perhaps, and perhaps not the smoothest way to express admiration. I’ve done a little bit of poetry in the past, maybe it’ll revive itself at some point !

        Warm regards


      • I like to encourage the muse a little. Mine is very temperamental, so when it refuses to turn up, I say “Fine. Have it your way. Will write without you and then we’ll see who has the last laugh” 😉

      • I like your spirit … do you find it turns up sometimes because you persisted and decided to do it anyway, ie you did get the last laugh ?

        I find converting what I see/feel in my imagination into concrete things is the challenge, that is I can imagine all day long and never actually produce anything !

      • It does return. Sometimes it takes a while, but when it sees that I will not relent, it gives way and comes back to the fold.
        I have those days too… but I try not to let them happen too often.

    • I’ve been a reader of your poetry for a while, nofaithpoet, and once you reblogged this (thank you again 🙂 ) I realised that this poem addresses a theme that is recurrent one in your art. Look forward to your next.

  2. OOOISH! Stunning Ma’am – simply stunning – hit right to my core this did. See thats the thing – SOMETIMES ‘nothing’ is a good thing when common sense should prevail – BUT when faced with those terribly sensitive little thresh holds that could consume – nothingness – well yeah – said it already 😀 lol!
    This is so beautifully written and I can not see how this could have come from NOTHING – oh the little tightrope we balance upon

    • Your comment has pulled at my heartstrings and I am caught between so many feelings that I barely can find the words to express them in reply.
      I struggled with a feeling of discomfort as I penned this. It is not a subject that I find easy to approach… but then if it were easy it may not be worth the endeavour.
      Strange, isn’t it, how it ties in to our earlier conversation. From nothing comes the conflicting thrust and into something turns the dust.
      Thank you 🙂

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  6. As soon as the true subject was revealed, I shook my head and thought “You tricky little…” But I was grinning! You’re amazing in your art, to stun and unveil in such an eloquent way. Love it. 🙂

    • Haha! Thank you, melodyspen. It was a matter of slowly drawing the veil so that by the end of it you can step back and infuse the whole with new meaning. I am so glad that you liked the effect. Thank you for such warm praise 🙂

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