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What do you do when you can do anything at all?

Adam had asked that question every single morning for the past six months. Most people would love that luxury – the luxury of choice, but for him it was more of a curse.

There had been no pressure to pick something once he got his degree. He’d waivered. Too big a decision to just delve into, without thinking it through, but this thinking through had been for some time the only thing he did on a regular basis. Now in his mid-twenties, he was good at many a thing and excelled at nothing.

All his friends had moved on: law school for some, careers in the civil service, media or investment banking for others. They were all proper adults, with proper jobs and proper relationships. All so very proper. It made him sick.

He refused to join their ranks, the living dead going through the motions, automatons fulfilling others’ dreams, never to discover their own.  He wanted to try life for measure. Find out what it was that fired him up. The last thing he expected was this: a barren terrain of endless choice, all reason and no passion at all.

Even that would’ve been fine. Perhaps his path in life was one of no ambition. It was no one else’s concern. He didn’t see why anyone should judge him for it, and wouldn’t have given a damn if they did. Not until he met Harper.

6 thoughts on “Passion

  1. It does make you wonder how impossible a ‘different life’ would be, given that we are all conditioned to act and react in certain ‘acceptable’ ways. No matter what you try there will always be some event that sucks you back into the fold. Now THAT’S depressing!

    • I remember reading somewhere than when people are given the freedom to do whatever they want to do, their first instinct is to imitate others. There is a tension between cutting up a path of your own – in circumstances that are never of your own making – and following into the footsteps of others.
      This story has not as yet developed far beyond what I have shared, although I do have a plot in mind. This theme however is one of the undercurrents of the project I am currently working on and I wanted to give it some breathing space by looking into it from another character’s perspective.
      Thank you for your comment, Chris. Insightful.

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