Woman Scorned - Portrait by Renette Van Niekerk

Woman Scorned – Portrait by Renette Van Niekerk

            Once was enough

            To have me fooled.

            I’m over it.

            My heartbeat cooled,


            Hardened by reason

            As it ought.

            I may have loved,

            But I shall not.


            Now beckons

            The reality of life.

            I craved adventure,

            Yours is strife.


            So as the night sky clears

            I’ll find yet

            Whence listless hunger’s end

            One can beget.


19 thoughts on “Scorned

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    • Thank you, Will of Heart. When I looked at the portrait there was both sadness and determination in those eyes. A mixture of vulnerability and strength. It tempted me to ask what she was thinking and in my mind’s eye she said : “Right then. Enough’s enough.” It made me smile, so I decided to give her a story.

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    • How wonderful! That is exactly the quote that came to mind when I first saw the portrait too.
      This was a new departure for me. Usually I write first and then search for an image second, but I came across this portrait and something about it called me to give it a voice.
      I am glad you thought it gave it more depth. There is something in the eyes that speaks, although I’m sure it may whisper different things to different onlookers.

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    • So funny. Apparently that quote is a paraphrase of the original. I used it as the comment of choice when I posted this on FB and a friend sent me a link to let me know that I used the wrong quote lol

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