Paradise Found


I am not Adam.

For you were proud of him.

I… cast out on a whim.

What had I wronged you with?


Now seeing them content

Whilst rotting in exile,

I feel the rise of bile,

Drowning all good intent.


I am not Adam.

Displaced because I dared

To question, you declared.

How could you think it just?


I have no wings to soar.

It tastes of endless malice

With poison full this chalice.

I’ll drink it all, and more.


I am not Adam.

My fate is sealed, but I

Will not sit still and sigh.

Why pray should you have rest?


One day you too will fall.

Always in speech unspeaking,

You banished me unthinking,

But doom awaits your all.

27 thoughts on “Paradise Found

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    • Thank you, Shanice. I arrived in a roundabout way to this poem. This inability to fly, the idea of being abandoned, cast away, were haunting my morning. Then I remembered a line from one of my favourite plays Frankenstein by Nick Dear, which was directed for the NT stage by Danny Boyle. The Creature – Frankenstein creation – quoted Paradise Lost. And once I grasped the idea – or it me, not quite sure which way around – I had to put pen to paper.

      • Those fond memories and connections usually make for excellent pieces, as the one you have just delivered. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece from start to finish!

        Well written! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂 .

        -Shanice Nicole

      • Everything I write is anchored into the type of connections that you describe.
        I am glad that you enjoyed this piece. I wondered whether it is possible to have a narrator who harbours such resentment and thirst for revenge and yet appeals to one’s sense of justice, if not for sympathy then at least for understanding.
        Thank you, Shanice 🙂

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    • Thank you, melodyspen. Such a wonderful comment too: “Each word, I can imagine falling from her lips.” I love the idea of words falling from one’s lips. Beautiful. Thank you.

      • You’re very welcome! (Not sure how I missed this response before, sorry). It’s a very moving piece and I agree with the above comments – the picture chosen is perfect.

      • What I loved about the image most is the emotion that permeates through. Although you cannot see her eyes, the body language speaks volumes. Thank you.

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