In the shadows


I was asleep,

But in that dream…

Believed myself to be awake.

So crisp the coolness of the day,

Such vivid – textures… Could not shake

The feel of you, so real still

That it enticed my senses all,

Beguiling chance within. Without

The questions bayed unanswered.


Caught in the chase, the thrill

Of days long disremembered

To resurrect I sipped the offered prize.

Pierced through

How cruel a vision where a loved one dies!

A dream to nightmare rendered.


For there too abandoned soon

My body eddied. Cut away

From your arm’s grasp, it lay tormented

Under a hellish moon.

I cannot tell you why it was not meant to be.

I waiver in the dark…

In leaving you extinguished

My light.

Now set me free!

13 thoughts on “In the shadows

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  2. “From your arm’s grasp, it lay tormented
    Under a hellish moon.
    I cannot tell you why it was not meant to be.”


      • The same happens to me. I sometimes wish I could keep my writing free from certain ideas/people/emotions, but then I realize that my writing would be flat without them. 🙂

      • How well you put it. Certainly. For a long time my writing was stunted by the fear that truthfulness may hurt or make others uncomfortable. What if they read between the lines and realise that it was this person or that event being depicted in verse or in prose.
        Since I’ve decided to embrace rather than reject the past, and even the present and all it has to offer, I feel that everything I write has gotten a new lease of life.
        Thank you, Patience, for reminding me of it.

    • How interesting that you should say so. I love the Romantics. It may be that my reading them has influenced the sound of what I write. As for Poe – now there is darkness that I cannot hope to equal, that is not to say that I would not try – in fact, OM had written a poem called Nod to Poe some weeks back, and I wrote another in reply Gone Girl, published on the 2nd of November. Perhaps some remnants of that endeavour breathed still when I wrote In the Shadows.
      Thank you for your comment, Chris. It is always intriguing to find out what others read in-between the lines.

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