What is my bane?

An appetite. Temptation.

A memory’s creation.

Licentious flight or rift.


Turmoil adrift.

The footprint of a lust to be.

The surrogate of death to me.

What is my bane?

Let spleen set in its vein…

30 thoughts on “Accursed

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  2. The rain in spain
    Has defeated Kane
    A vampire of no small repute
    Who liked the skin flute…

    This really isn’t working out that well. Sorry. 😉

    • Hey I´m from Spain
      what wrong with my rain.
      I will cause you pain,
      if you take away the bulls from Spain.

      What´s wrong with Kane,
      I´ll tell you he didn´t have a cane.

      Sort off nice…or probably not.

      • What’s wrong with rain in Spain? Nothing. Was a ribald rhyme.

        If you take any general offense from a specific poem to a person I talk a lot with you have taken it completely out of context.

        What’s wrong with bull fighting? Besides being immensely cruel to the animal? A veritable torture? That’s what is wrong with it. That is self-evident, I’m afraid.

        That it is a Spanish custom is of zero interest to me. I don’t make a habit of being cruel to animals.

        Would you like this in poetic form? Very well.

        The Loyalist
        Frozen in time
        In wonderful clime
        Died for his beliefs

        Defending the right
        to torture in bullfight
        is not right
        nor wise

        I say to you
        it is the truth
        that I will make you
        look the fool
        as I reciprocate in kind…

        Try to be nice. I do not read your blog. So have no idea why you would tell me for the second time that you are saying something, “sort of nice….or probably not.” Or similar.

        If you wish me to believe you are a troll, I routinely smack trolls.

        If it is meant to be funny, so be it.

        But as you can tell, I’m not into bullfighting.

        Sort of nice, with a Fair Warning.


      • I’ve just done a double take. Then a triple take. Had to scroll back down to figure out what’s been going on. I expected some heated discussion on the Let’s Talk Opinion posts, but this has just proven that art is political when you get down to it. Poetry ablaze.
        A little worried, but also very much intrigued.

      • Shrug my poem was a joke.

        But his “nice maybe not nice” or whatever comment earns a response in kind.

        If he wishes to defend animal cruelty that is his right. It’s my right to point it out.

        I do not believe that opposing animal cruelty is in and of itself political.

      • 🙂 I understand why you don’t think it’s in and of itself political, but to me everything is political – not because I want it to be, but because there is very little left in this world that is not legislated for and states have extended their infrastructural power into every aspect of people’s lives. So … whether we like it or not, even the personal has become political.
        Thank you for brining this up, Kavalkade. I might write up an article on the issue. Would be interesting to delve a little deeper.

      • It is political due to that context.

        I believe that preventing abhorrent animal cruelty where an animal is tortured for sport for an unknown length of time before being killed should not be political.

        It should be an easy call not to engage in such behavior, without legislation required.

        But I am often surprised by what people say and do (not really) as seen in my lastest blog on systemic racism in the GOP here in the US.

      • I think that traditions are usually the most difficult ones for people to let go of because they appeal to their sense of selfhood and nationhood. Personally, I’d rather see it end, for the same reasons you put forward, but I know that it is unlikely to do so without state involvement. It is the same for whaling. I know for a fact that Japanese people – the majority of them – do not care for whale meet, and yet the state continues to do it in the name of tradition. 99.9% of what they kill is binned. It beggars belief.

      • They claim it’s for scientific reseach. LoL.

        I like Paul Watson though. Charge!

      • Man, that was something. You really got yourself worked up here, it was meant to be funny read my ABOUT page if you want you´ll understand that it´s
        “my ironic-dark-sense of humour that is offensive to some and funny to others”

        Sorry you took it the wrong way, I´m not that big of a troll, just a little.

      • I didn’t get worked up.

        Read my about page. And my second to last blog post about Twitter trolls.

        I respond to trolls though. And document their trolling.

        I took no offense.

        I note you admit to being a troll.

      • Well I hope you enjoy, I enjoy doing my own things and letting others do what they want. Your wasting my time. Last thing I have to say to a troll like you. Stay Frosty.

      • LoL. You’re the person that has admitted to being a troll, Charly.

        I am happily doing what I want. Which is documenting your trolling. And writing a quick blog about it.

        You will get a pingback, if you allow them.

        Good day.

        Enjoy your next cruel bullfight. 😉

      • Dude, you entered into my convo with Vic unasked and unbidden. And have now admitted to being a troll.

        You troll, I document trolls. Which is what I like to do.

        C’est la vie.

      • I can hear the beat in the background. Could do a double with your poetry rap – some symphonic backing – and the famous little not-so-cockney doing “the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain” 😉

      • Hahah, well you have a follower by the name of Kaufman´s Kavalkade that just replied to me with about almost 1000 words saying basically how horrible and offensive my little poem was.
        Tell this person to lighten up for Christ sake.

        P.S: Aren´t you going to tell me I´m getting better at this poetry stuff

      • You are getting better at the poetry stuff so keep at it 🙂
        As for Kavalkade – he’s a blast and we’ve been having a lot of “secret agent” shenanigans on Twitter these last couple of weeks – so sorry you guys got of on the wrong foot, as I actually think that you could have a lot of fun crossing wit-swords, but I’m sure you’ll sort it out in the end. I’ve had many shaky beginnings with people that I’ve ended up being on the best of terms after 🙂

      • He actually just wrote a post about me, On WordPress Trolls.
        Go figure, I won´t give it too much thought,people that read me know I´m not a troll. Whatever that word means.
        I actually find it kind of curious that there are people in the internet that devote their time in trying to bring down others, just for the little poem you read and you can see it´s not offensive. People should lighten up a little more. Don´t take life that serious.

      • I think this is a case of two strong wills meeting in unpropitious circumstances with a somewhat bellicose outcome. You’ll figure it out. Kavalkade holds strong opinions, and so do you. I know that when you said you where a bit of a troll it was tongue in cheek, but I think he may have taken your word for it – or maybe it’s tongue in cheek too. I’ll read the article, didn’t get a chance to yet.
        Silver linings: all publicity is good publicity?

      • Actually yes,about the publicity, when people read the blog they´ll realise I´m not put on this world of the internet to harrass, be homophobic, and whatever else this person has a mission in life to fight for.
        But hey, we´ll respect him by not writing or reading about him, is better to ignore people like that, they give me a headache.

  3. Just one word,
    that is left for you to be heard,
    I like to say on thing,
    a beautiful fling.

    And that´s a poem! I´m getting better than you, you´re going to have a competitor here…imposible with how you write. One word BEAUTIFUL

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