9/11 Twin Towers Conspiracy

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Renegade Expressions: “I don’t believe Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11. I believe that whole incident was a big conspiracy. I don’t believe planes brought down those towers.” http://aopinionatedman.com/2013/09/27/project-o-article-108-renegade-expressions-jamaica-scheduled-for-9-27-1800/comment-page-1/#comment-69409

I have to admit I was somewhat perplexed by your answer. Of course, everyone has the right to an opinion and the whole point of this project is to offer a platform for people to voice their own and begin an exchange. So… starting from this premise, I would like to request a clarification.
When you say: “I don’t believe Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11. I believe that whole incident was a big conspiracy. I don’t believe planes brought down those towers.” do you mean:

1. That Bin Laden had nothing to do with the attack? (This I do not challenge. I am not aware of whether he was or not personally responsible for the attack, and now that he is dead, I suppose we will never find out for sure). However, did he not claim responsibility? For some reason I thought that he did. If he did indeed claim responsibility, on what basis should we question the truth of his admission?
2. What kind of conspiracy? Who were the conspirators? What motivated them to conspire and bring this about?

3. The planes definitely hit the towers. There is ambiguity in that third sentence, so could you please explain whether you accept that the planes hit the towers, but believe that the impact in and of itself couldn’t have brought down the towers, or do you have another explanation altogether for this?
I would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to get back to me about this. I really am curious to understand your answer.

Renegade Expressions: Thanks for your comment Vic. I am going to try to answer the 3 questions you asked, my only request is that you do some research on this topic(9/11) online. You will realize that there is a lot of information out there that is contrary to what was ‘reported’:
1.Yes, I don’t believe Bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11.It was ‘reported’ that he took responsibility for the attacks. It was ‘reported’ that passports of the alleged attackers were found at ground zero. At least 2 of these attackers were later found to be alive and well in their homeland. It was ‘reported’ many years before he (bin laden) was ‘killed’ that he had kidney disease and was living off of a dialysis machine. Yet he was able to move about in those mountains and evade capture for about 10 years. My point is many things have been ‘reported’. I am not the type of person that easily believes the stuff i see/hear on the news.

2. As for the conspiracy. I won’t get into that, just do some research for yourself, you will be amazed with what you come up with. I am not telling you to believe any of the information you find but it can’t hurt to research it.

3. Yes, planes definitely hit the towers. As to what types of planes that’s another story. It may or may not be as ‘reported’. What I was saying in my original response was that the impact of the planes hitting the towers did not bring down the towers. The fire that was burning did not bring down the towers. The towers were eventually brought down by controlled demolition. Physics tells us that the fire could not have brought down those towers. Again just a little research or even information from the first responders (including firefighters) will tell you that things were not as it was ‘reported’. Whatever the TRUTH is about 9/11 there is no denying that many people lost their lives that day.

I hope my answers brought some clarity to my original responses. I really don’t wish to be even discussing this topic. I know it is a sensitive topic to a lot of people. I just responded because you asked.

HarsH ReaLiTy OM: So you don’t believe the news but believe online material written by any kid or disgruntled, bored wannabe journalist with no facts and who has never even been to new york? Interesting…

Vicbriggs’s Blog: I also struggle to understand why that is the case, especially when it comes to events that are well documented, where there is more than just the evidence of the powers that be, but also that of so many eye witnesses who have actually recorded these events for posterity. In a country where you have free press too, I very much doubt that governments have the ability to control the flow of information to that extent.
However, I do think that Renegate gave a better answer the second time around. There is some value in attempting to get to the bottom of things, even if he may be going the … don’t want to say wrong way about it, but can’t think of a better way to put it.
I have met many people who are fond of conspiracy theories. Most of the time they simply attribute to much forethought, intelligence as well as logistical power to the would-be conspirators.
What fascinates me is the reason behind this tendency to believe conspiracy theories. What gets people hooked? Is it simply the fact that it makes life more exciting? Is it that we all love a good story and the official line is simply never quite as exciting as the rumours circulating underground.
Would really love to find out.


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37 thoughts on “9/11 Twin Towers Conspiracy

  1. Conspiracy theories have great entertainment value. They keep some filmmakers and story tellers busy for years. Didn’t they recently come out with some other theory about JFK? (I’m being totally sarcastic) I read all that I can, look at the evidence as it is presented, and consider the source where that information is obtained. What keeps people hooked on conspiracies? That one baffles me too.

  2. If I cant resolve issues that are inside of me, my own psychic issues, then I will look to find issues that are unresolved, to project my sense of frustration and fear outward

  3. I remember reading that entry, but missed on the comments. Very interesting. There was a time when there was a single source for news and people had to believe it. But now with so much exposure and so many medium to report an event it’s not surprising to hear these kind of statements.

    • You are right, KG, there is so much information out there. Our sources are as numerous as they are fragmented. I wonder whether a loss of trust in the official channels of information has something to do with this, and who would take the blame for that.

      • Here in the United States some of the more extreme rightwingers do not trust “The man” from word one. Unless they need a citation on a study they think can damage your opinion.

        It’s been like that my whole life. With The John Birch Society wanting out of the UN, etc.

        They squak that the media’s leftist and what not, but they are a bunch of loons.

        They string together conspiracies without any factual foundation.

        Their lack of training in even the most basic of investigation technique is quite evident.

        I’m kinda surprised you took the time to respond to his nuttery actually, haha.

        He’s that far afield…

        Crazy, man, crazy.

      • There was a lot of ambiguity in his initial reply and that’s why I wanted a clarification.
        I’ve read some other Renegate’s stuff and he actually comes across as a very decent guy, certainly not crazy. When I first read his answer to Q6 on Project O it surprised me the more, because of the rest of his story. Context is everything, and that answer did not fit with the context, at least not to me.
        I asked him to expand on his answer, which he was kind enough to do, even though he was reluctant to delve any deeper into the subject. I appreciated his candour. It’s not easy to share when you know that what you are saying is unlikely to be met with understanding, quite the opposite.
        That’s what got me curious.
        How can someone, who otherwise seems like a perfectly sensible guy, how can he believe in conspiracies?
        I don’t know if I’ll be able to find an answer through this post, but I’m trying to get to the bottom of it.
        Why do people believe them?
        What do conspiracy theories appeal to?
        There must be something within us that makes some susceptible and others not.
        Are we all susceptible? Is it just a matter of matching the right conspiracy to the right person?
        You see? I could go on for weeks. There are many things that could be extrapolated from this.
        Thank you for the comment, Kavalkade. Always a pleasure having your opinion aboard.

      • Here Americans have the record of the Watergate Conspiracy, an actual conspiracy that toppled President Nixon.

        That no one really would have thought would be a reasonable supposition otherwise.

        When they distrust their government so much, they will believe it capable of anything basically.

        Then they tend to get themselves into echo chambers on the internet, where their conspiracy theories are supported, people that oppose are shouted down, and it becomes self-reinforcing.

        I have no experience with this gentleman other than reading your article.

        To me he is an unreliable witness, should I interview him. And thus of no worth. Harsh but true.

        He might as well tell me the moon landings were faked. (Which many people also believe.)

    • No! Going to check it right now. Btw, I just tried to comment on your poetry contest page and it did not go through. So strange. I did have that window open since yesterday so…

      • Thank you, OM. Touched that you should think my writing worthy. Now that I have accepted I’ll have to think of something that will make it worth your while. Are we going for a weekend theme or is it a case of anything goes as long as it’s real, and a little harsh ;)?

      • Anything goes, I would ask you limit your posts to no more than a few a day. This will end on Monday and I will deactivate the accounts. There are around 5 other authors as well to test this out for me. 🙂 You have the potential to reach a large audience, about 80% of my readers are women between 20 – 60 years old. You might want to start with an intro in or as a beginning post. Have fun and the bell has already been rung. I just realized from Linda that you guys can see my stats and stuff lol. Well enjoy a glance into HarsH ReaLiTy. 🙂

  4. I am amazed at what some people will believe in terms of conspiracy theories. I am not one to believe everything fed to me by media, government, etc., but given the difficulty that two people have keeping a secret about a third, I’ve always found vast conspiracies that would require the involvement of dozens, if not hundreds, of people to be utterly implausible. Just because we don’t fully understand all that goes on in a specific event doesn’t mean it’s a cover up.

  5. My biggest problem with most conspiracy theories is that they would require a significant number of people to carry out the plot. This would be especially true for 9/11. One thing we know about people is they can’t keel their mouths shut. Plain and simple.

    • So true, Bradley. Something would’ve come out. I think the inconsistencies in reporting that Renegate refers to were more due to the confusion that ensued rather than anything else. Thank you for your comment 🙂

  6. A discussion on this topic ensued on Facebook, and I will share some of it with you, in case you find it of interest. I certainly did.
    In reply to “What fascinates me is the reason behind this tendency to believe conspiracy theories. What gets people hooked?”

    Sonia: Lack of transparency on the part of institutions? Combine that with our cognitive predisposition to believe (anything from religion to ads), a lot of (mis)information that go viral within seconds and declining capacity to filter through it… btw some conspiracy theories turn out to be very true (i.e. strategy of tension in Italy, CIA dodgy business around the world etc.) Had you been Italian, you’d could have not taken that for granted. the state-mafia negotiation scandal that has emerged recently is another great example…

    Diana: Start with the Phoebus Cartel and go from there. Of course people believe in conspiracy theories. I believe in them because I realised that politicians and presidents are just pawns, planted and taken out to serve a specific purpose. Whose? Well…

    Frank: When I listen to conspiracy theorists, what strikes me is that their argument is based on the rhetoric of “I know better than you do,” “You don’t know how manipulated you are,” “I’m more intelligent and escape all these manipulations,” “I look for myself rather than follow the mainstream.” But in the end it’s all about taking what constitutes a minority of opinions to be what’s true.

  7. for my two pennies, i read that the towers were in need of asbestos removal, which was more costly than the buildings were worth, i also hear that they were sold to the highest bidder, who used to dine with his family everyday excepting the day of the tragedy.
    not saying i believe them but i love a good conspiracy as long as it is plausible and in any case, who truly knows what the truth is,
    after all, history is written by the winners.
    a newspaper is similar to a hired poet, they are paid to make their benefactors sound like heroes 🙂
    i don’t believe politicians, nor the police who hid the Hillsboro Disaster truths for twenty years, nor the media who report on what they are told to.
    puppets are being controlled by puppets are being controlled by puppets 🙂
    i don’t believe the conspiracists either, but it’s nice to hear a different viewpoint 🙂

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