Shards of Silence

Shards of Silence

Silence shards in poetry
When the blackness snows me white,
Then in howling symmetry
Paths asleep my sorrow’s flight.

My cry unheard: adrift.
My path unseen: a rift.

Specs of sand, autumnal light
Falls in dusk, impounding
Dreamlike quills of wings in flight
Ringing still, unsounding.

In a desert so bleak
Shadows timelessness seek.

20 thoughts on “Shards of Silence

    • Thank you, navigator. I am working on a poem in saphic meter, and I hope I may be happy enough with it by tomorrow. Sometimes the precision it asks can straitjacket the creative process, but at other times it is quite the reverse. I hope this will be one of those other times 🙂

      • Hahaha I know there was a pun intended there, regardless, if you must know, I go to a place where my life starts making sense, a place of which I do not know a way back, for I do not require it there, a place where I can be myself and not deny myself the pleasure of being the only one.

      • You think there was a pun, and perhaps there was a light ambiguity in my question, but I hoped you would reply it in earnest, and I love your reply.
        I read it in a book only the other day… this elsewhere, the place we go to when we are thinking, and this is what inspired my question, although of course I could not have asked it, had it not been for your own earlier reply. So… thank you:)

      • Clearly he was lost in your poem my dear.

        I would suggest he was lost and did not want to be found, as he was enjoying the moment.

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