Blood Tear

Whereto did such warm passion go, my wilful poet?

 What robbed your voice of balminess and heat?

 Reality, like ice, melts in your verses’ wake.

 All misconceptions skewered, fade away.

 But with it all, you leave behind too much.

 Can’t grasp at mist, ephemeral – all dreams.

 You question all the time spent in pursuit:

 What is its worth? What quest has value still?

 And to this I can only answer thus.

 Was not my smile enough upon your pillow’s edge?

 Did not my laughter twine its chime with yours?

 And when I lingered in amongst your sheets,

 Was I not poetry to your adoring prose?

 It’s all to be forgotten, you contend.

 All sullied in the toss of one cruel word.

 It wasn’t worthless. It was love, and then…

 Love’s end.

 If you refuse to treasure it. Your loss

 In memories… may never find repose.


In reply to Brittle by OpinionatedMan.

22 thoughts on “Fractured

  1. Incredibly beautiful, Vic. You nailed the meter/rhythm too, IMO.

    I lost the meter in the final line. My email alert to your post read: “In memories will never find repose.” Here I see: “In memories…may never find repose.”

    “In memories shall you never find repose”? Not trying to criticize–this is a really good poem, and this is a conservative comment. The sheets-poetry-prose stanza is killer good.

    This is poetry.

    • Thank you, navigator. That last line is a tricky one. I don’t think I have it exactly where I want it yet… May require additional thought. Thank you for your suggestion. Under consideration 🙂

    • Thank you. It seems that I have not fully exhausted the theme of Project R: Relationship Interrupted… The broken promises that determined me to initiate it last month has stayed with me.

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  3. Very well done. I am sorry for you for the pain that caused this beautiful statement of loss, and I am sorry for myself that it reflects perfectly where I am still, four months later after my own RI. Be well. Continue to heal. And most certainly continue to create.

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