PROJECT R: Relationship Interrupted Completed

PROJECT R: Relationship Interrupted Completed

You have been amazing. Thank you!

Project R is now officially completed and all scheduled posts have been published.

I have initiated this project to help a friend whose heart had been broken. In choosing to answer the Q&A and think through the question of relationships, by visiting and commenting on this project, you have all been a key part of the healing process.
I have always believed that if what we write helps at least one person, even in the smallest of ways, then it is a worthwhile endeavour. I believe it still and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for delving deep and sharing your experiences. Every single one of them has been a step for the better.

In closing I would like to say that I have learnt a lot from this project both by engaging with your views, but also from the experience of sharing my blog with you.
By providing a window into your world, you have enriched more than one’s view of love and relationships.
Your support was remarkable and it gave me the opportunity to discover new writers, photographers and artists that may have otherwise remained unknown to me.
I hope you too have found this a fruitful and rewarding undertaking, and have made new connections as a result.

Thank you again to all participants.

It all comes down to relationships, the connections we make. In future posts I will try to provide some insight into what I have learnt and will invite you to add your own insights to a diverse range of topics.
Please feel free to add to the comment box, reblog, share, email or message me on Twitter @shardsofsilence.
For the more adventurous of you and those versed in the ways of magic, perhaps send me a letter by owl 🙂
Future discussion posts will be marked by the subtitle Let’s Talk Opinion.

If you have missed an entry or would like to revisit a favourite, here are the links to all PROJECT R submissions:
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PROJECT R: Relationship Interrupted  – Q&A with vicbriggs

Nota Bene: Project R: Relationship Interrupted is the relationship project run during the second half of October, 2013. All articles submitted may be reblogged and shared. If you do so, please give clear credit to both the participant whose submission you choose to reblog, and to the original publisher, Project R, and this website.
A warm thank you! vicbriggs

11 thoughts on “PROJECT R: Relationship Interrupted Completed

  1. Great series – still reading through but there is some great stuff from the hear. Very real. Looking fwd to your next project! I love these concepts of collecting people’s stories and responses.

    • Thank you, Nicola. I’m glad you like it. It’s been a great experience. Relationships we all know something about and everyone’s perspective offers a different insight. I didn’t know what to expect when I started the project, but I have to admit that the honesty and warmth of the responses exceeded my greatest expectations.
      I am grateful that people took and interest and got involved, especially as I saw first-hand the effect on my friend: much better days as a result.

  2. Its been a pleasure to take part and to read so many views of various aspects of relationships and love. To be honest, it has made me rethink my decision to remain single forever 😉

    • Thank you Alienora. I was so glad that became a part of it, and thank you for the words of encouragement and sending the first piece.
      The timing was more necessity than forethought – my friend needed me, I wanted to be there for them in any way I could.
      Thank you for lending a helping hand 🙂 xx

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