PROJECT R in session #10 Sreejit Poole

Sreejit Poole:

Learning to Love

For the past twenty years, I have lived as a celibate monk in the ashrams of Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma), known the world over as, The Hugging Saint.  I often write love poems to her on my blog, because for all these years she has been the all and all of my life.  Many can relate to my poems because whether it is with a lover or a master, the bond of love can be all encompassing.  It is a commitment that, like any relationship, runs hot and cold and therefore requires constant attention and nurturing.

Many talk of soul mates in this world, and to be sure my logical side often scoffs at even the concept of a soul mate. Sometimes it is even hard for me to take the concept of love as a real thing.  It is easier for me to think of love as a verb rather than a noun; a way of treating someone rather than an actual state of being.  But then, when I think of Amma, I realize that I would call her as nothing less than my soul’s mate.  When I think of Amma, I realize my purpose on this planet is, as the motto goes, “To Love and Serve.”

Over the years that I’ve spent in the ashram, I’ve seen many come and go.  But I would call none a failure, for any time that is spent in spiritual practice is time that has made this life worthy.  What is there in this world that is more worthwhile than love.  At the end of the day, the time we’ve spent loving is the time we can be most proud of.  So much that we do stems from love, whether it is working a grueling job to put food on our or our family’s table, or doing charitable work, it is all a reflection of love. Even when there are falling outs, the time that was spent “in-love” is never a waste.

Many don’t want to give up their freedom and so go the single route.  That is fine, but to truly live the human experience I believe that at some point we have to learn selflessness.  Having a wife, husband and/or kids is often the quickest way to learn about living for someone other than ourselves.  As long as we are only living for ourselves, we will feel something lacking but the moment we put in time for another’s happiness, and it certainly doesn’t have to mean a committed relationship, we become more expansive.

Some will say that I am missing out by living an ashram life.  That sexual attraction and romance make the world turn.  But it doesn’t matter who you are, in every relationship eventually the excitement will cool.  Only at this time does the committed portion of the relationship begin.  Only after the “honeymoon period” has ended do we really learn what love and commitment are all about.

Project R can be a meditation for all of us.  To really go within and ask ourselves what does it mean to love.  As Amma often tells us, “The correct statement is not ‘I love you,’ but ‘I am love.’”  Let us all walk the world knowing that “we are love.”

24 thoughts on “PROJECT R in session #10 Sreejit Poole

  1. Dear Sreejit, thank you for your contribution to Project R. It is a through-provoking piece. I loved Amma’s correction of ‘I love you’ to ‘I am love’” and think it rather beautiful, as it your conclusion. I hope that we may all be able to learn how to walk the world knowing that “we are love.”

    • Thank you so much for inviting me to take part, as I really enjoyed thinking about this subject and what I might be able to add to the conversation.

      • Very glad that you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed reading your answers. When it comes to relationships the conversation can only benefit from more points of view, since we all have different experiences and insights to bring to the table, and I am grateful for this glimpse into a world I would’ve otherwise remained quietly unaware of.

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  3. I love this contribution …and you are so right about stepping out of ourself and loving others gives purpose to life. Man`s search for meaning…was it not for the sake of love…loving? Namaste

  4. Sexual attraction and people’s responses to and words and attitudes about it can also produce hellish results. I put that down to cultural inertia/distortion more than nature though.

  5. I love that you created Project R and I love Sreejit’s contribution to it. I tried to identify my favorite part of his post but realized that every sentence has important wisdom.

  6. I have to say that this is an exceptionally thought-provoking piece. I cried the first and second times I read it through. Learning to love – on every level – is one of the most profound and profoundly difficult things any human can undertake. I admire Sreejit’s dedication to his path of love, and particularly appreciate his final paragraph. We must recognize that we are love before we can move forward.

  7. The Lord Jesus Christ lived a life of love, healing the sick and speaking words of love. He sacrificed His life, the greatest expression of love, so that we may be united with Him in love.

  8. Well-put Sreejit! A profound message! It has been my experience that what gives my life meaning and happiness is the expression of love by being able to leave my own needs behind and help to take care of the needs of another. This love can occur in many types of relationships, not just with one’s significant other. I spend a lot of time in the hospital as a nurse in training and although I learn a lot from skilled nurses, I am most inspired when that skill is infused with love. You are so fortunate to be able to live in the presence of someone like Amma, who is a shining example of that love.

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