Sunny Thoughts for the Sunshine Award

Thank you for the nomination, Alieonora, it has brought sunshine to my day. To check out what makes Alieonora tick, follow this link to her blog:

sunshine-award   Sunshine Award rules, because stars shine brighter when we get to the chemistry!

1) Use the logo above in the post. 2) Link to whoever nominated you. 3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself. 4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.” 5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

It is always tough to pick ten things. There are so many, but which ones do you know already? And which ones you’d rather not know at all? So here it goes…

1. I am writing this post sitting on the sofa at Dionysus, overlooking the Acropolis. The Athenian heat has been a constant thirty degrees all day, so the breeze is a welcome addition.

2. Dionysus happens to be my favourite Greek god. What’s not to like? He is the god of wine and pleasure, of dance and… theatre! All very much to my taste. He would be on my top ten list of celebs to meet, although I’m afraid he might be somewhat untenable for little mortal me. I think he secretly envies us mind.

3. At the age of two I bit the nose of a ticket controller on the bus, because she accused my mum of not validating her ticket, was shouty, and altogether not very nice. I validated her nose.

4. I don’t have a favourite ice-cream flavour. Shocking, I know, but what’s a girl going to do when there is so much goodness out there!

5. If I could be any animal or bird I wanted, I would always choose the Albatross. Why? Because they are loyal. Because they choose a partner for life and then develop their own language that no other Albatross couples can understand. Because they are mysterious and resilient. Because they return to their place of birth to die… To count but a few.

6. When my mum was pregnant, she asked me whether I wanted to have a brother or a sister. “A brother, please. If not, a crocodile.”

7. I want to spend at least one year of my life sailing around the world. Call me Magellan. I do not know if it will happen, but I am working on it.

8. My favourite pre-dinner cocktail is a G&T. I can be pernickety about both G and T in this. Hendrix for the first. Fever Tree for the latter.

9. The day before yesterday, I finished revising the eighteen consecutive chapter of my first completed novel Finding Jane. It is a tough time being in the muddle of the middle, but I love it too much to leave it alone.

10. Next to me, in this café Dionysus, sits a very serious looking Greek philosopher. Yep! Not even a philosopher-in-training. A real life one. So… I am in Athens, the birthplace of democracy and home to Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, next to their contemporary counterpart, drinking and being cosmopolitan. Life has its little ways, doesn’t she?

Thank you for listening, ladies and gentlemen! Now for my fellow nominees. Because you make me smile and your words make my days sunnier! Here you are:

Small Pond Science An academic dad on a mission to change the world and parenting 🙂

the drunken cyclist  If you like your wine, he’s got one for your pallet!

nacrelet  for insightful quotes from the past

Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew His music made me laugh, his music made me cry, but mostly: it is a lot of fun.

Randomly Speaking Unorthodoxly It starts with just a thought, and then: she’s gripped you.

Cat For the wonderful stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and for staying strong during tough times.

EightLeggedGemini  Because he is a TwinCentaur, and that means double the strength and double the wisdom 🙂

Inside my glitching mind From Russia with love, but mainly because I love the little bug puppet he adds his pictures 😉

keithgarrettpoetry  His poetry moves me, and I want to share it with you.

I nominated A Holistic Journey for the Sunshine Award, because she is generous to others and writes about Greatness, and we all need a little more of both. She kindly declined the nomination since she already has the award – another generous act, which gave me the opportunity to nominate another fellow blogger and share the sunshine.

Poems & People Because he will reach down to the very depths of your soul, and you will never see life the same way again. And yet from pain we learn happiness, and from sorrow contentment.

It was so tough to pick only ten. There are so many of you that I follow, and whose work makes every day brighter. I do not envy nomination committees now. How does one ever choose! And of course I ought to have included OM in this too – my funny sunny bone.

     Thank you for tuning in!

Awaiting your Project R contributions

and wish you all a sunny end to the week 😀

Much love


25 thoughts on “Sunny Thoughts for the Sunshine Award

  1. Many deserving congratulations on your award and a big Thank You for your kind words and nomination, you are definitely a SunIsShining girl. 🙂
    as my name suggests, there are many sides to my die and lately i can feel them all clamouring for the same slice of pie 🙂 i can’t wait for my poetry side to resurface 🙂

    • Nor can I, and will want to read it the moment it resurfaces! Thank you for the warm congrats and your award is well deserved, since you always have something kind and sunny in store when I turn to you. Look forward to reading the ten “reveals” 🙂

    • You are welcome. I enjoy the quotes you add on your blog – little glimpses into the past. And thank you. I enjoyed writing the ten “reveals”, 5&6 too 🙂 Look forward to reading yours x

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