PROJECT R: Relationship Interrupted – Final Request for Submissions

PROJECT R: Relationship Interrupted - Final Request for Submissions

This is PROJECT R: Relationship Interrupted.

On a vicbriggs blog-screen near you from the 14th to the 31st of October

Photographers, writers, artists, poets: Let’s talk Relationships!


Because you can help me help a friend in need.


Just follow the link below and answer eight questions about relationships or lack thereof, love and fulfilment, failure and success, flaws and accomplishments, and soul-mates.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, the 13th of October, that is today! but there is a little wiggling room for the deadline if you’ve only just read this and would really love to participate, so send me an e-mail and I’ll see what I can do.

Please send your contribution for PROJECT R to: .

I want to make this a rewarding project both for contributors and readers. I’ve loved the early submissions and look forward to the ones yet to come.

It is up to you whether your answer is prose or verse, stream of consciousness or iambic pentameter. Let your creativity loose!

All for a good cause.

Thank you all!


Twitter: @shardsofsilence / Email:


Project R’s “they” section was inspired by Lucia Lorenzi’s On Being Alone: Rethinking the Single Life:

Project R is also somewhat of a nod and wink to AOpinionatedMan’s Project O, a project on Opinion hosted on his blog during September:

7 thoughts on “PROJECT R: Relationship Interrupted – Final Request for Submissions

    • Lost hehe? Send your piece to and I will post it on my blog on Saturday, the 26th of October then you can reblog it so that it appears on your page as well and all comments will be synchronised so that they can be seen by both my viewers and yours, otherwise the other contributors to Project R will miss out on the early comments and may miss out on the discussion. Thank you for writing 🙂

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