FINDING JANE, starring Dougray Scott

FINDING JANE, starring Oona Chaplin.

Daily Prompt: Mid-Season Replacement. Strategy: The Fictional Sidestep. Jane’s story begins one day in early autumn…


September 7th 2011. He was her only visitor, this man who brought her to the hospital after her collapse, yet Jane cannot shake off the feeling that Cedric Stewart is hiding something from her. 

After coming to grips with the shocking reality of memory loss, she begins the journey into her past, unwittingly unravelling his too. The more she discovers, the less sure she is whether it’s worth burrowing further.

She feels haunted by the life of a woman she is getting to know, but not like. Her present threatens to be hollowed out by a man she is both eager and afraid to call her friend. 

And then there is Gray…

Should she allow her past to dictate her future?

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