PROJECT R – Poetic Turn

Today it is all about poetry… Poetry and Truth.

Time to share with you the story that determined me to start Project R.

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There is such beauty in beginnings, and such hope.

They met. They fell in love. Where did it go so wrong?

One said: “I love you so, that worlds I’d turn for you,

For no one loved so much, or had a heart so true.

Want always at your side to fall asleep and wake.

To have you always near, tell me, what would it take?”

The other smiled and lingered over professed love.

“I love you too, but near… too soon you ask to have

My all. I’m young, my love, and want to keep my youth at play.

I am not ready yet to cherish and obey

Your love’s relentless call… Be patient and in time

Perhaps my wishes too with yours will learn to chime.”

Time passed. Days. Months. A year gone.

To wait so long and nothing? A heart to pieces torn.

One said: “I miss you so, when you’re not at my side.

You say you love me too. Then why forever hide?

When I’m with you my world – entire – is complete.

Come. Let us be together. Conditions all: I’ll meet.”

The other said again that time would make all well:

“You burn too bright. On this I do not want to dwell.

You ask too much, forever repeating this demand.

Why not just let it be? Why always reprimand?

Is my love not enough? Why ask forever more?

Why always to the future you open up the door?”

One sighed: “I will be patient. For you will always wait.

When you are ready: come, but do not come too late.”

A day went by, another. And still came no reply.

One felt inside hope linger, refusing yet to die.

At last the message came. The last: “I’m done. Goodbye.”

A world broke into pieces. Another end. Why try?

“I love you so that worlds I would’ve moved for you.

You love me not. It pains me to learn this to be true.”

Days passed, and one day added another hurtful fall:

“Until you love yourself, you’ll love no one at all.”

 There is such pain in endings. Long gone forever hope.

They met. They fell in love. Where did it go so wrong?


Relationships, can’t live without them? Whether you are in a relationship or not, you will know a lot about what makes one tick, and how to keep ticking when it is no longer.

I’ve delved into this headfirst. Thank you for your early submissions. Read them. Loved them. Look forward to posting them come Monday for others to enjoy as well.

Photographers, writers, artists, poets: Let’s talk Relationships!

This is PROJECT R: Relationship Interrupted.

On a vicbriggs blog-screen near you from the 14th to the 31st of October

Have your say!

Why? To help a friend realise that to be single can be as rewarding as it is to be in a relationship. Help mend a broken heart.

How? Just follow the link below and answer eight questions about relationships or lack thereof, love and fulfilment, failure and success, flaws and accomplishments, and soul-mates. .

There is no right or wrong way to approach this. Your way is the right way. It is up to you whether your answer is prose or verse, stream of consciousness or iambic pentameter.

Please send your contribution for PROJECT R to:

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, the 13th of October.

All for a good cause.


Thank you for being a part of Project R!

Nota Bene

Submissions will be posted on vicbriggs’ blogscreen starting Monday, the 14th of October. One day for each submission if there are seventeen or fewer. If there is a lot of interest and the project takes off then we’ll timeshare vicbriggs’ blog-screen accordingly.

For the Sample Q&A (if you work better with an example in front of you) follow:

For the commentary on LL’s piece follow:

For more on what motivated me to start this project and for the questions to answer follow this link: .

Feel free to answer the questions and comment on LL’s quotes, but it is absolutely fine if you’d rather do only one or the other. Whatever works for you!

And don’t forget to add your info at the start so that other bloggers know where to find you to follow you! A short bio could be helpful too, whatever you think will hook the readers and keep them coming back for more.



Project R’s “they” section was inspired by Lucia Lorenzi’s On Being Alone: Rethinking the Single Life.

To read her post, follow this link: It is a beautifully written and insightful piece. Perhaps it may help you with your own.

Project R is also somewhat of a nod and wink to AOpinionatedMan’s Project O, a project on Opinion hosted on his blog during September. Follow this link to view contributions to this project:

Finally, it is a reply to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Exhale. I thought it a pertinent prompt to the subject of relationships and alone-ness, since both can offer us safety and the reverse in equal measure.

And because being in love can be scary:

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