Forgive my ill-timed laughter.

If I play,

It’s not to hurt or taunt,

Not to dismay.

It is to make your day

A little lighter.

A smile is all I ask for in return.


Now take your turn.


Don’t hide from me or mine. Speak.

If you say

Your world is full without –

I will not stay.

But as for dreams… With you,

My star. The brighter,

Their impish disposition can’t unlearn.


Do not be stern.


When by my pen’s pursuit hurt,

Hid away,

You rest concealed awhile…

And snub the way

My dreamscapes tease. But I…

Always a writer,

Must life’s biopics stir with unconcern.

3 thoughts on “Stardust

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  2. It’s as if I could have written this. Right up until your last stanza.

    You do say, “Crumpets” now, haha. And if you have any problems with depiction I expect to hear about them.

    Poof has said no swimwear. So no swimwear. And no short skirts. So no short skirts. And I dress you both the same pretty much. haha. Fashionably forward, but a bit conservative.

    Great poem.

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