GMT explained

There’s only one way: the Greek way.

GMT, meaning according to vicbriggs’s fictionary:

1. Greenwich Mean Time or “how the British made sure time does not start in Paris” – one of many moves to peeve the French.

2. Greek Maybe Time or “what’s your hurry? Stop and smell the olives. Life will pass you by while you’re trying to make it.”

Know what? Think I prefer the second one.

Ionian wisdom.

This is Vic-Vic-Vic.
Requesting Radio check

4 thoughts on “GMT explained

  1. Check check 1,2,3.
    Well… relaxing is nice, but the reason we have the time to smell the olives is because countless generations before us worked really hard to make our lives easy. I think it’s our responsibility to work equally hard to help future generations.
    Receiving things sometimes makes us happy, but it’s the giving that really makes us feel at one with the world.

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