Postmodern Prayer

My thoughts are broken all,

When alone I dwell un-dwelling

And it pains so much to feel you…

And pain’s all forgets forgotten

With unhealed wounds hurting rotten;

All my pain is looked for… amid yours.


Come with wings

So I cannot catch you

Or with mountains

Hence I can’t embrace;

Crucify me at the wind’s gates,

So that I slaughter twilights

And when the sun pours red,

Thus I am slit in the bonfires

That shadow the springs…


Un-asleep me in a moon crook,

That un-lights my un-cried cries.

Cut me to pieces so that in each

I can grip more of the ties

That within you I awoke…

And, when it hurts,

To sense them long forgotten

In pieces… In clouds… In smoke…

14 thoughts on “Postmodern Prayer

  1. A very touching piece. I get your inability to say what you feel has to be said, and the paradox of your emotional state.

    Finally I think your ultimate stanza, where you welcome the hurt of separation so that you can find in it more things to hold onto in the hope of the love you shared, to be a very profound and heartfelt sentiment.
    I have a saying which I believe to be from a play by Shakespeare but it was so long ago that I heard it I have hideously mutilated it I’m sure.
    “My heart has known a lot of pain, so let this new hurt come!
    It only makes one more.”
    I can see a similar feeling in your willingness to accept what may be an inevitable ‘hurt’.

    This is great poetry and I enjoyed it very much.

    • This is my second reply – the first one apparently lost in the iPhone ether.
      Thank you for engaging with this piece. I loved your analysis of it. It’s always wonderful to hear what and how people read in between the lines.
      Wonderful comment. Thank you.

  2. I like the sure voice and the tension you depict. What do you think of “wind gates,” as nouns function also as adjectives before another noun (parlor door, not parlor’s door)?

    Crucify me at the wind’s gates,

    • Thank you for your comment, Diana.
      I do like “wind gates.” There is a subtle change of meaning that comes with this substitution. I would be curious to know what made you think of it.

      • Both the improved sound and the ‘s people commonly use to indicate the adjective when it goes over better without. The brain already sees that the first noun serves as an adj. My rule of thumb, in the spirit of saving spit, is to go with what’s cleaner where choice is possible.

      • I’m glad you liked the suggested version and am open. My “California’s sun” in the latest post is a rare exception I made for the larger difference in meaning than we normally get from the noun-noun version. In this case, CA is the focus, not the sun.

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