One night stand

The alabaster of his skin

Lights up her morning slumber.

In the refracted quiet light

Their dreams are swept asunder.


Eyes meet across the downy slopes,

Hands reach for one another:

Too soon dawn came, the time too quick

To part, when stay they’d rather.


The sweetness of her kiss goodbye,

Its wretchedness in valour…

Her absence hence robbed all his nights

Of their vivid colour.


And, as she watched the amber skies,

His tenor’s soft recalling…

Her weary frame in sleepless nights

For his sake only falling.


So raw today, as years pass

Their passion will grow weaker,

Until one day forgot be he

And he’ll neglect to seek her.

4 thoughts on “One night stand

  1. This works very well. Economic style- it’s got pace- it tells a story well. My only niggle
    “In the refracted quiet light” – the line runs better if you put “quiet” before ” refracted”

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