On women being crazy

On women being crazy

I enjoyed this post so I thought I’d share it with you.

Below, you can read my reply to every point made by the author.


Women pick arguments on purpose.

True. The only reason I got my degree was so that I would get better at it. It worked. Have a masters in it. One day I’ll even be a doctor in it.

And yes, I picked arguments with everyone that seemed a candidate for a relationship. If they couldn’t argue, I wasn’t interested. I like people who are opinionated. They don’t have to agree with me. In fact, I don’t much like it if they do because where is the fun in arguing with someone who keeps saying “Yes dear”?

It is the same way I make friends. I don’t walk around people on eggshells. I challenge their views. It might not be relaxing, but at least it’s not dull.

Women ask questions that they know the answers to.

I do that too. I don’t think that there is only one answer. I want to test the waters see if I can find something new to get my teeth into. Usually I do. It keeps me going. It feeds my ever-growing curiosity. I’m curious about life, the world, people. I want to get into their heads, figure out how they function and why.

Women really don’t care about your opinion most the time.

I’ve been guilty of that. When I catch myself doing most of the talking I just shut up. I make a point of saying as little as I possibly can without coming across as Mrs Darcy. This was an amazing discovery. People seem to want to fill the silence. It makes them nervy, so nowadays I listen, and listen some more. I am still astonished when at the end of an hour after meeting someone for the first time I have their whole life story.

I write fiction, so I love stories. My world is a novel populated by chatty people. I may not always agree with their opinions, but I do care. I want to know. And they are willing to share.

Women quickly grow bored with topics that don’t interest them.

There are no boring topics, only boring people. The most interesting of topics can be rendered boring by a drone.

If you have a good story to tell, I don’t care what it is about. I’ll listen. I’ll let you grab my attention, but it is your job to hold it. With a little luck: I leave satisfied.

From a proudly crazy woman


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