For my grandfather

I stretch my fingers forth

Towards the frozen ground,

There just beyond my reach

Your stilted body lies.


No matter how much hope

To turn the tables round

Had been within instilled

I know it was just lies.


Your hands will never move

Whole lands to have me near,

Your whispers will not soothe

Away some naïve fright


You will not draw me closer

So that to better hear

My sorrows all, my hopes,

Into the star-lit night.


I cherished every moment

Life gave me at you side.

With every breath, still treasure

Your memory and love.


I wish I still believed

That heaven awaits yonder…

But losing you has robed me

Of faith in the above.

10 thoughts on “For my grandfather

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  4. OK, this one hurt to read. Thank you for sharing it. Very good poem.

    I’m sorry…death is a hard one to face.

    In Earnest Empathy,

    King Pollux ~ Adam Kristofer Walkingstick King

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