Reason Me This

I loved this post. I’ve long believed that reason is nothing more than another social construct. It attempts to find the lowest common denominator for the greatest number of people and then declares it to be the norm. This is Reason.
What its supporters fail to acknowledge is that — and here I am linking into what notsinglebutnothappy said about writing honestly:

Most people, most of the time pretend.

At first they do it because they are told that this is what they must do. They learn to curve their behaviour accordingly. Then they do it because it is easier. They become socialised; it is the only way society can function after all.

But the truth is that none of us are ‘normal’ or have ‘reason’ – not when you get down to it. And I think this is one of the sources of depression – at least the way I try to make sense of it – realising that somehow you do not fit into the mould. You are not what and how you are expected to be.

I have been writing since the age of six, but it took me years to stand up and say “I am a writer.” In fact, the first time I said it was a few days ago when I first started my blog. Because, writing is not a ‘real’ job, I was told. It is a hobby, something that you do in your spare time. So I struggled to fit into the mould until it nearly broke me.

So… Rather than being a reason-rich conformist, I’d rather be a reason-less writer.


10 thoughts on “Reason Me This

  1. Logic can be pure with no reason applied.

    I figure that reason is applying a scale and a sense of justice to a situation.

    Essentially Logic can run to crazy extremes with no reason applied. Example: HItler and his crazy extremes.

    So I disagree with Senator Barry Goldwater, and his famous quote. He was of course Senator from Arizona, and lost to LBJ in the Presidential election in the ’60’s.

    “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!”

    Context matters. The facts of the case matter.

    Reason was applied, and he was defeated.

    Yet reason can also run amuk. And I’m somewhat of a contrarion in that degree. If you arrive at an unjust conclusion through applying your “reason” I will complain just as vociferously.

    I’m pretty much with you though.

    Oh, I am very, very shades of grey. I am not a black and white person. Haha.

    Part of my job can be to determine if someone is 50.1 percent liable for an accident and collecting on it, haha. And I’ve got to be ready to make that stick at trial…

    • Thank you, Kavalkade. You are quite right to point out that there is a distinction between reason and logic too. Really enjoyed reading your comment. This is a very old post, and for a while was “uncategorised” – decided to reorganise my categories and find a home for it. 🙂

      • I have tweeted this concept of mine, but was considering blogging about it.

        But I’m happy with our discussion here and feel no need now.


        Haha, I recategorized and stuff at 200 posts. New tags, cleaned out old. No fun… Took forever. LoL.

  2. I disagree that I don’t have logic or reason. It’s just that neither is absolute. We all have to get along, as you note.

    That might not make your logic or reason invalid though. Sometimes things cannot be resolved to both parties satisfaction. And I file that under “shit happens” and move on, haha.

    I fear you sometimes overanalyze things.

    • Haha – I take no easy with people having either reason or logic. Of course – we have both. What I take issue with is the meaning that we attribute to these concepts. Reason is generally taken to be neutral and value-free, but that is not the case. Some people are told to stop thinking with their heart and use their reason. How does reason differ from emotion? Well… oftentimes emotions are taken to be “individual” or “personal” reactions while “reason” is ascribed some general-will or the “common-sense” of society as a whole.
      You are quite right about my analytical tendencies… I enjoy it though and I’m sure you approve of it, as long as it is fun 😉

      • “Reason is generally taken to be neutral and value-free.”

        I realize this, and disagree, but of course not absolutely, haha….

        Context matters, the “facts” of a particular case matter.

        And “See Reason,” often means “see it my way.”


        I try to resolve things amicably to the satisfaction of all parties. But sometimes that just cannot be done. Sometimes someone has to lose.

        And if not, I don’t sweat kicking some ass in the name of my “Reason”. haha. 😉

      • Sometimes we have to do things that are not fun.

        But if you’d like to have a bit of fun in midst of unfun, you can look me up here or on twitter. I can usually create something pretty quick, haha.

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